CH11Mini12 – Tiffany’s DingDong Account

Happy First Thursday of the Month, ladies <3
Parniya voters, you put up a valiant effort, but the thirst for gendie content is simply too strong it seems U_U

69 thoughts on “CH11Mini12 – Tiffany’s DingDong Account

  1. Bruuuuhhh MJ just keeps on taking Ls, for reals. No offense to the chicks crushing on straight women but like…this you my girl?

    Also Blaire being her welcome-mat self with the gender afflicted, but we all expected

    1. Spoiler alert: she will continue to take Ls 😂

      Love “gender afflicted”. Blaire’s exposure to gender affliction makes her a doormat 😞😞

  2. You’re TOO on point with how precious and whiny these people are, lmaooo. What I can’t get over is how they say that so many things make them feel unsafe or invalid – in the same breath as threatening violence towards gender critical women. And that picture of Tiffany and her (much older) boyfriend…

    And it’s probably just because you didn’t want to include him because male and repulsive, but I appreciate that Babygirl is one of the few Gendies who hasn’t commented here – TIMs don’t give a shit about ‘validating’ and ‘supporting’ TIFs and it shows.

    1. Glad to know I’m not the only one to experience this brand of gender nonsense.
        You’re totally right about Mr. Baby Girl too. Meta reason: who cares about that fucken guy. In-Comic Reason: he doesn’t give a shit about women unless they are fawning over him.

  3. Nooo MJ you are making me so sad 😭😭 I need to get her out of there!!! Also goodness the self-deprecating comment from Blaire as some way to atone for her “cis privilege”, and then immediately backtracking when it’s still considered offensive… female socialization moment fr. I bet Kai is so mad she can’t block all women from interacting with her social media 😂

    1. I’m sure Tiffany eventually added a “Cis B!tches DNI” 😬😬

  4. Parniya’s biggest fan

    Awwww poor MJ… if only she saw that Clancy was right thereeeeee~ 👀

    Also, *falls to my knees in the rain because Parniya didn’t win*

    1. I’m so sorry Queen, she’ll be with us again this Monday tho 😔😔

  5. Tiffany’s boyfriend reminds me, I used to have this co-worker who called himself bisexual, and at first I was so excited to have another SSA person at my workplace. But then after getting to know him better it turns out he only called himself bi becuase he’d dated a TIF, but he also said that he found it offensive when people assumed that he liked dicks just because he was bi when actually he found dicks gross and said he could never picture himself interacting with someone else’s dick in a sexual context.

    Obviously so bisexual of him to only be attracted to the genital of the opposite sex 🙄 that’s not even getting into how he would lecture me about how he personally “as a bisexual man” didn’t find slurs like f*gg*t offensive and thought it was stupid that “other” gay and bisexual men found that word offensive while he personally was never bothered by it. Gee, wonder why a heterosexual man wouldn’t be bothered by homophobic slurs 🤔

    Blaire bending over backwards to self flagellate only to still get a response like that is so spot on. Every day on Tumblr for yearssss I see women and girls bending over backwards to self flagellate and kiss TRA ass, but somehow no matter how hard they try TIM’s and TIF’s still find *something* to call them “violently transphobic” over.

    Even if you play their game and follow all their rules they will still always find *something* call you “violently transphobic” over. You can never win with them.

    1. ….God I am so sorry you had the displeasure of interacting with that absolute shitbag 🤢🤢🤢🤢

      In Tiffany’s case he’s definitely more of a “sure babe I’m so gay for you. Yep PIV is so gay, let’s get to it. Mhm lesbians are very terfy for not sucking d*ck and just havent had the right one” while with her, but “you guys gotta try this, it’s the easiest way to girls. You just smile and nod to the dunb shit she says.Its worth calling yourself gay for” when with his friends.

      And Blaire is absolutely there to demonstrate for trans shit, it was never about allyship. It’s about total control of others behaviour. You cannot win. You are the footstool.

  6. I think you mean camera THEY

    1. cameraperson camerahuman queerflux videographer cosmic entity of video work experience🗿⚛

      1. MJ’s DingDong bio.

    2. I said what I said 😎

  7. Honestly these are so sad!

    1. In every sense of the word 😅

  8. I bet Parniya doesn’t even have a dingdong account. And if she did it’d have like, actually funny vids, helpful content, support for women. I bet Parniya’s dingdong memes are super fresh and good.

    1. I don’t imagine she has a tiktok, shes pretty reserved around most- but I don’t think it would be memes or skits. 😅😅 more like..

      Tiktok robot voice:
      “going to display homes part 51”

      “Look at the placement of those tiles😍.”

      “Ugh who would put a bath *there* 🙄🙄”

      “Custom builds consider Windows an EXTRA.. they don’t come with the house.”

      “The fencing is nice to touch.”

      1. kory (parniya supremacist)

        I would be addicted to parniya’s account cause she would only have good takes on home decor

        1. Maybe I will have to do a Parniya DingDong at some point 😅

      2. Stop stop!!!!! You’ve already sold me on it 😭!!

  9. Aw. Our Parniya was failed-no, defeated by voters. The battle was fierce.

    I am humbled for underestimating the colorful grip strength of Camp QT. Maybe Faith and Ruth are the only Chosen Ones who can truly overcome it.

    @author, what does it fully say on the shirt of Kai’s boyfriend?

    1. “Silly Arachnid Guy” a play on Spiderman.
      Only brand we support round these here parts is Leasebound 😎

    2. I think you may have a working theory re: Faith 😅😅 Maybe shes able to beat them in polls vecause she offers a similar level of chaos, that also has proven to combat gendie nonsense 😅

      And yes, as Jay said. Silly Arachnid Guy is LB’s spiderman. He’s the “generic male interest” I give to some male characters. Works as a nice zero-effort illusion to character depth.

      1. is silly arachnid guy in spdierverse or should this whole curseed webcomic reality just be selfcontained, so that it will eventually redden and flicker out as it plunges into the black hol e at the nexus of some galaxy1st

        1. He’s in Arachnidverse, probably. Ive never seen either of the spider verse films.

      2. girl you shoulfd. animation is awesommme and especially in the first one the soundtrack slaps so fucking good. i used to listen to it in the mornings when i had delirium episodes and cry. life changing movie. queer allegory as well. and the art wow like the first time you SEE it theres just this shocking array of colours and textures popping out of the screen its great its unique its beautiful its melding 2d and 3d so perfectly and the pacing is PHENOMENAl. you should see it. maassive seizure warning though lotta flashing

        1. Ya had me until you said queer, Miss Woman. A queer allegory?

          Queer as in: a slur for homosexuality that means abnormal/strange/odd


          Queer as in: straight couple comprised of a woman that has green hair and a septum piercing, and a man that’s into pegging, who write a thinkpiece on how the slur has been reclaimed?

          Either way I’ve never been less interested in a film lmao.

      3. nah bruh queer as a slur for homosexuality that means ablnormal/strange/odd.

        the struggle to hide two parts of yourself, the questioning what your family will think of you, the fearing cops, the crushing isolation when you think theres no one like you/when you find someone like you and they fucking die, the connecting with people that are like you, that are out there. spiderman is an allegory for being gay if you want. or its not i dont give a shit. but its a great movie? what kinda movies do you like if you dont like spiderverse god damn
        Also Arent you an artist??? the art is amazing i could rhapsodize about it

        1. Your reading comprehension is troubling as always, Miss Woman..
          But gotta admit,I was not expecting you to admit it’s a slur!

          That’s the cause of my lack of interest. You describing homosexuality with a slur and applying it to a movie as a selling point. To me. A lesbian.

          There is nothing abnormal or strange or odd about homosexuality. Why did you think describing it that way would entice me?

          Also just from what you’ve said, the themes don’t seem unique to homosexuality at all. Just outcast/minorities/ teen angst even. Sorta solidified by you saying you can make whatever you want of it. So just imagining messages that aren’t there is a selling point?

          Also, do you think all artists (sculpters, painters, cartoonists, animators, photographers, musicians, singers, ect.) have to like the same films to maintain her/his status as one..?


        1) It’s used as a slur. If you never want me tor use that term on your page, I will. Just tel me?

        2) You said that (abnormal or strange or odd). you presented two options, in your above coment, and i chose one. the first interpretation of the word was framed in contrrast to the second one (green hair and a septum piercing) so I figured that was the one you agreed with

        3) Yeah fine maybe i approached the movie viewing it through a certain lens. Does that mean those themes arent there? no. Does that mean my view isnt just as reasonable as someone just seeing the movie as teen angst? maybe. who give a shit. idont

        4) No, I’m not saying that. Just saying, it’s ar great pieace of animation, and the concept art fucks and I thought youd have some opinions about it. Not sayihng you have to like it or even watch it, just saying arent you even a LITTLE bit intruiged by the visuals?

        5) Why not abnormal?

        6) yes i actually do thing all artists should only watch and like the same things and soon we will all be a hivemind, an echo chamber, and we will dissolve into reams of grey sludge and oil slicks and no one will ever dare to have an original thought

        1. 1) Why is your default position to use the slur until asked not to, instead of the reverse?
          Would you ever reccomend a film that had a “bitch allegory” to women, a “retard allegory” to disabled people, a “[any racial slur here] allegory” to people of that race?
          Why or why not?

          2) So you chose it based on what you thought I agreed with and not which one you meant? The question I posed was to demonstrate the ludicrously of “it’s got a queer allegory” as a reccomendation. Queer is at best a nebulous term that can refer to any and anyone who “reclaims” it, and at worst a slur still used to other honosexuals as strange.

          3) I think you do care, you’re just insecure about it, because you can’t explain what you actually meant by “queer allegory”. So you’d rather fall back on “well anyone can interpret anything as anything”. Sure they can, but you reccomended it to me based on allegory you thought I’d connect with. Why not stand by it?

          4) tbh I’m not a big fan of how the animation looks – I’ve seen hits and pieces of trailers. But I appreciate that something so different was tried and wildly successful. Wish the animators were compensated properly for their gruelling work, tho 🙁

          5) Because there’s nothing abnormal about homosexuality. It doesn’t determine anything but the sex you’re attracted to. Why do you think queer came to mean homosexual? Why it’s a favourite go to of homophobes, to call us strange? Abnormal? Sins? Abominations? Because if they have to face the fact we as fully faceted as them, it’s harder to justify their rational behind wanting homosexuals dead.

          6) I know you don’t think that. I was being facetious.

      5. worlds okayest fungus

        1. a) I dunno. I just see it a lot I suppose. b) No. I’d never do that. Because I don’t know any other minorities/marginalized people that use those slurs to represent themselves as a group. But I know many people like using q-r for that purpose, and for other reasons besides. I’ve been lucky enough to go to pride once, and see how that word can be beautiful, and know how even that absolutely doesn’t diminish the hurt that has been done by people using the word as a slur. Like every fucking thing in life, it’s complicated, and I’m sorry.

        2. No. I just meant I thought you agreed with me.

        3. I am standing by it. Where did you get the idea that I wasn’t? I’m saying that’s my interpretation of it, and it’s incredibly easy to read spiderman’s story as a gay/trans metaphor because of the large amount of support from the source material. I explained what I meant by the allegory: I don’t think someone could write off the “finding someone who’s like you, actual tangible proof you’re not alone even though you feel completely isolated” as garden-variety teen angst.

        4. Oh, ok I get it now. Not everyone’s cup of tea. And yeah, apparently working on it was fucking awful, I agree that they should have been properly compensated or better yet not fucking put through that amount of unneccessary crunch time.

        5. I know homosexuality isn’t abnormal, I was questioning your dichotomy: normal and accepted and good vs. strange and bad. 
Why is abnormal bad? Why is strange bad? What makes something an abomination? Many people don’t have the fucking option to assimilate no matter what they do. Why not love being the deviant?

        6. Cool beans.

        7. How’s your weekend going? me personally I’m writing funding proposals and listening to ethel cain and dreading monday.

        1. Questions not numbered, or even requiring a response. Just things to think about.

          How many people who have “reclaimed” queer, the slur used against homosexuals, are homosexual? Even among the people you’ve met.

          What other groups could fit the description of “deviant”?

          And why might homosexuals not want to be thought of in associated to these groups?

          What do you find deviant about people exclusively attracted to the same sex?

          Speaking of dichotomies, is homosexuality only able to be assimilationist and deviant? Or is it as neutral as heterosexual or bisexual attraction – in the sense it does not dictate anything other than if you’re attracted to men or women.

          Would to “assimilate” not more accurately describe homosexuals trying to hide their sexuality, and appear straight to “fit in” to society?

          Hope the funding proposal goes well – even if not, pretty good thing to have practise writing.
          I personally always look forward to Monday, as I get to wake up to comments from all the readers in different time zones. 😎

          Weekend was spend gardening and powering thru chapter 12 (40 pages and counting yehaw).

      6. Heya. Nice add-ons to the site.
        First of all, in my comment, I meant that as long as it’s not hurting anyone, there’s no real reason to stifle deviance. However, I am an idiot first and foremost, and I didn’t know the first connotation of deviance was negative. Whoopsies.

        Wikipedia says this: Although deviance may have a negative connotation, the violation of social norms is not always a negative action; positive deviation exists in some situations. Although a norm is violated, a behavior can still be classified as positive or acceptable.[4], and that’s what I was thinking about connotations. Also standard deviation. I didn’t mean to insinuate that I thought harmul deviant behaviour (like perversion) was good or acceptable at all. I apologize for not looking up the fucking word. I know full well why homosexuals wouldn’t want to be thought of in association to these groups.

        So, let’s go with aberration, which is simply “deviation from what is normal, expected, or usual” and let me restate my original point.
        What is wrong with being an aberration, especially when people who set the percieved standard of normal are straight people, are capitalists, are conservatives?
        The other trouble is all these terms are relative. I don’t know how well expanding the in-group of normal, expected, or usual works. We assume that things that are acceptable are not harmful. But they are. You should know this. The tenets of radical feminism are aberrant to the norm, and that’s their beauty, and that’s literally in the fucking word, radical? Why are you upset with me when I say aberrance and acceptance can be fine, good even?

        Second of all, re: “what do you find deviant about people exclusively attracted to the same sex”, well, ma’am, nothing. But I mean, I felt pretty alone about that kind of stuff growing up, and I’d be glad for anyone genuinely saying that feeling was OK— that it’s alright to be not like your peers and it doesn’t make you less of a worthy person, and there are people out there who feel the same way. Yknow basic stuff. I mean, that loneliness in itself was terrifying, the fear that being different meant you were doomed. Y’know in Fun Home, where Alison writes about seeing a butch woman at a diner?

        Also, re: how many pepel have reclamed the slur are homosexual: I don’t know. I didn’t fucking ask. It’s not my fucking business how they feel most comfortable calling themselves. Also, you know how many people have been a target of that shit even if they aren’t homosexual? I went to school and no one used that word, but they used gay as an insult all the time, in verbal and physical fights. I get uneasy whenever a stranger jokingly says something’s gay, even if they’re well intentioned. Grey areas. I think getting hit in the neck and called the slur would leave a mark on someone, even if they weren’t homosexual. Is the word still not for them?

        Hope y’had fun gardening. We’ve been getting rain for just about every day this week.

        1. Thanks. In a transition period for the site, getting someone a bit more qualified to clean up the back end.

          Someone getting called a slur they don’t fit the group of doesn’t mean it applies to them, no. A non-black person could be called the n-word, a able bodied person can be called slurs for the disabled.

          Many people can and do use “bitch” to refer to men. But that doesn’t change the meaning. Female dog. Almost every definition specifically says it applies to women first and foremost.

          Re: gay being used as an insult. That’s just it. It’s just in insult, not a slur. Think similarly to how someone might say “what are you, disabled?” “LOL are you autistic or something?” “You sound like/hit like/act like a girl/woman”.

          They haven’t become slurs just because they’re used as insults.

          I do not believe in slur reclaimation. It’s like showing the bigot they’ve won “yes actually you’ve broken me down so much I pre-emptively called myself the slur on the tip of your tongue. I agree. I am what you say I am.”

          I feel the same way about women using bitch, slut, whore. The fact “slutshaming” is a legitimised term makes me insane. There ARE no sluts! A woman is not impure, unclean or morally corrupt for acting on her sexual desires. It’s just misogyny.

          Imagine if we called misogyny “bitch-hating” or referred to women as “the bitch community”. Any marginalized group really.

          There is nothing abnormal or deviant about same sex attraction. It’s less common sure, but that’s it.

          There isn’t only feeling shame for one’s same sex attraction or accepting you’re a freak. Being okay with being a lesbian and also knowing I’m not strange, weird, abnormal doesn’t make me some sort of assimilationist. Gay people are in fact just normal people. Mostly normal, boring people with normal jobs, normal goals and aspirations.

  10. JaneClareJonesIsGod

    ._. cool 👍👍👍

    1. Brick?!?! :O

  11. Save MJ 2023

    1. 😈

  12. Why do you all keep doing this to me. Second time I click the little arrow all hyped for Parniya, only to get assaulted by gendie shenanigans. I feel like someone owes me financial compensation now. :/

    Your grasp of these people is incredible though, Tiffany could easily be talking about my teenaged friend circle (except I think five or six of them became trans, not three). The psychic damage you’re inflicting here is on point. Praying for Blaire to develop a spine though!

    Also: I’ve been in your shoes, MJ. Keep your head up. Better days will come. You will meet women who are not straight and also not Like This, I promise. (In fanfics, if not in the comic.)

    1. So sorry about the lack of Parniya, queen. Really thought everyone would want a second taste after the first mini, but alas 😔

      Hope you’re away from that friend group now tho, eeesh 😬😬

  13. Your local tortoiseshell cat

    Elissa’s username… how are you THIS accurate?

    1. Doing my best 🥰

  14. Oof please wake the fuck up Blaire, I recognise that exchange, where some woman on tumblr said something similar in response to a post on how women need to shut up and listen to men and was told something like “that means you especially”, even when kneeling down to kiss the feet of men, the woman is still kicked 🙄

    Also silly arachnid guy merch when?

    1. Ah shit I just noticed her username and all, what in the internalised misogyny… It’s not even internalised at this point, straight up imploded 💥

    2. That is EXACTLY the tumblr post that helped me shape Blaire as a trans ally. I felt like it perfectly encapsulated how the support and validation will never be enough. It’s always been about control. It’s always been about misogyny.

      I think the only silly arachnid guy merch I’d want to make are cake toppers like on this page.

  15. ok this has gone on long enough, we need to stage an intervention for mj STAT!

  16. Man I wanna rescue MJ so bad. Like honey this sorta ‘friendship’ with a side of pining isnt worth it! I hope the best for her post college, but now and days a lot of the gay scene is just more of this. Sad.

    Meanwhile I feel for Blaire, the accuracy of them saying literally anything doesnt make them feel *safe* taking advantage of the empathy a lot of women have for other people’s safety and well being.

    Like I get its cognitive dissonance making a lot of het/bi tifs who realize women are treated poorly and unequally by men and want to distance themselves from womanhood’s unfairness in society (like Ive seen so many posts like ‘once I became nb I felt so much more comfortable to wear dresses bc hey Im not a woman’) but cmon now cmon its ok to be a woman actually try to improve the lives of other women and hold men accountable for nonsense.

  17. It’s so funny how ‘Kai’ acts like such a typical girl! Even that picture with ‘his’ boyfriend is the ever famous bf/gf pose (it’d be even funnier if you had her showing off her butt that’s unfortunately becoming popular.)

    I’m still waiting for Blaire to peak.

    1. The pose was very intentional 🤣
      Tho I do want to avoid falling into that trope of ‘sexualising women the artist dislikes’.

      It was pretty commonly used to mock TIFs for a time, even among other trans-identified artists. Usually as a way to show themselves as “good” trans (believes you need dysphoira to be trans, support transition, try to dress and style themselves to look to fit the gendered expectations of the opposite sex, thinks gay people of the opposite sex to them have the capacity to be attracted to them) and others as “bad” trans ( don’t believe you need dysphoira to be trans, think transition is an individual choice with a lot of class/financial barriers, think dressing and styling themselves in the exact way that is expected of their sex is subversive with new pronouns, thinks gay people of the opposite sex to them have the capacity to be attracted to them).

      This was usually done by giving the character they disliked cartoonishly huge breasts/skimpy clothing, while she talked about how manly she is. And then next to her, the artist would draw herself as a man, in typical male clothing, calmly talking about how they’re just a regular guy and don’t want any trouble.

      I definitely do utilise clothing to create critique – because I oppose the performance of femininity (shaving, make up, clothing that inhibits movement like heels, dresses, skirts ect), because it is degrading to women by design.

      I think the poses you’re describing are degrading too obviously – but the female body is so sexualized, so often, in both irl and in art, I don’t think the parody would come across.

      And re: Blaire peaking


  18. Stop, stop, my strange attraction to Tiffany is already dead!

    1. I have to make sure it stays dead 😐

  19. Blaire would be so good to MJ once they’ve both been de-programmed.

    1. Interesting interesting ✍️✍️

  20. i think i remember seeing those over on your insta! love how you’ve gone back and made tiffs moif bf look uglier, its what he deserves.
    out of curiosity, how many more minis do you think we’ll be seeing? absolutely loving these but my lesbian heart yearns for the shez chapter i know is ahead lmao

    (also cause i still can’t reply on mobile, good to know marthaire/blartha (if i must) is spreading around 😏)

    1. Yes yes, well spotted! I drew the ones in insta while on holiday in a cheap little scrapbook with children’s crayons – thought it’d be fun to spruce them up and share them on the site for those who hadn’t seen them! And now that I have a better grasp on the gendie characters – I wanted to add a little extra interaction for the readers who saw the originals 🥰

      Re: the minis/ ch12. I only have one more pre-made mini on hand. I’ve been making them (drawn on paper where I can’t get into perfectionist territory, and scanned in) as I go, basically as a buffer while I work on chapter 12. So there isn’t really a set number. I do have more ideas but I may keep them for later filler.

      I am currently 32 pages into chapter 12, so definitely more than half way done. I’ve had 4 ear infections over the last month which have definitely slowed progress significantly – but know I’m working hard to get it done. It’ll definitely be out before the end of the year!

      I also have the ask the cast answers made up, which will be coming out after the minis, as well as another several-page surprise in store before it comes out as well.

      Thank you so much for the patience and enthusiasm! I am so unbelievably excited for chapter 12. It is, in my opinion, my best work yet. 😎😎😎

  21. “Tw: afablanguage 😂😂😂
    Is this a real tw you have actually seen or did you create it for this comic?

    1. I’m not Rusty, but that is a real tw. I’m in some VERY gendie heavy fandoms and this pops up all the time in the tags of Male/TIF fanfiction (very appropriate considering Tiffany is a fujo lol)

    2. Green beat me to it. But yes I have seen this as a triggerearning on posts about women’s health 💀

  22. Aaaaa MJ is so cute, I really feel bad for her… The lil comment about Tiffany being handsome 🙃 praying for her to wake up and start liking women who aren’t trying to convince gay men to accept women into their dating pool
    Also MJ/Blaire … That would be so cute when they both wake up from their genderism

    1. Prayer circle for MJ and Blaire 🙏

  23. kai get hit by a car challenge

    no character has filled me with as much contempt as kai and i think it’s because of how close it hits home.

    i’ve met people who are identical to kai in terms of identity/personality but instead of calling themselves men, conform to female gender roles and call themselves lesbians 🧍 and they always fucking end up in straight relationships dating men in the end.

    i cannot tell you the amount of times ive seen enbys who identify as gay or lesbian end up dating the most generic bland straight men imaginable. and then a week later after they break up they still have no problem going back to calling themselves lesbians and talking down to bisexual “cis bitches.”

    anyways im one of the losers who wants a redemption arc for blaire (i know i know, i got a big storm coming ;w; that arc ain’t happening, i get it) but even *i* don’t want a redemption arc for kai.

    im not a violent person and would never wish bodily harm on any non-fictional woman (even if she has shitty misogynistic tendencies like kai) but GOD. i sure would be happy if kai got hit by a jeep wrangler going 200 km/h and just got launched into the sky, never to be seen again

    1. Oh I am right there with you on every woman calling herself a lesbian who absolutely knows she isn’t. Especially the current gender strain of the nonsense.

      Glad I’m doing my job at making Tiffany hateable, lmao. It’s good to know readers feel a distinct difference between Blaire and Tiffany.

  24. I hate her so much. No witty comment or analysis. Just loathing. You dead on got her type accurate though, good job.

    1. Making you earn your name, breastie 💜

  25. A friend of mine who’s sadly in the Gender Fandom was complaining about straight men matching up with her on dating sites, and I was reminded of Tiffany and Elissa’s fetishization of gay men and their desperate need for male attention in the form of a “homosexual” boyfriend who’s attracted to them… It’s gross how straight men seek to use gendie women for sex, but given that gendie women are only trying to use “gay” men for validation (while calling actually-gay men transphobic bigots for being unattracted to them) it’s just another point in making Tiffany (and Elissa to a lesser extent) loathsome. I hope to god the Male Character Policy in LB keeps the gay men far away from the QTs, in my experience these yaoi-obsessed straightoids get incredibly awkward around RL gay men and it’d be unbearable lmao.

  26. Praying that one day Tiffany has a “cis bitch in the mirror” moment… when the cognitive dissonance finally breaks.

  27. how long till Blair gets tired of being treated like shit and interprets it as a sign she is not comfortable with cis identity and takes it as a sign she is something else, and then demands from Riley she has to call herself bi or pan now bc Blair doesn’t identify as a cis woman anymore.

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