CH11Mini11 – Up Above The Clouds

This page goes out to the 168 (as of writing) Parniya fans <3
(And possibly Parniyez fans, hehe).

Special thanks to commenter 'K' - although this mini was already planned when you asked: "What’s it like up there in the clouds, queen?", you absolutely inspired the title!

38 thoughts on “CH11Mini11 – Up Above The Clouds

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    1. Kory (parniya supremacist)

      dammit i misread and voted for parns instead of MJ ToT

      1. πŸ”«πŸ˜

        Some crimes can never be forgiven..

        1. kory (parniya supremacist)

          i voted on MJ to even it out at least ToT


      Ok now that this got your attention, everyone please Vote for MJ (😍) so that we get more Parniya this week through inverted score!! ty ty

  2. Parniya’s biggest fan


    I love her, and as a hopeless romantic I am definitely excited to see how this relationship plays out, I think it’s cute, the dynamic Parns and Shez have going on.

    Shez is teasing Parniya because she wants to see what she can do being all like β€œhaha I bet you can’t beat me” in a playful loving tone, but Parniya has never *had* someone tease her in a not-mean way. It’s so cute 😭

    1. Omg I love your dedication πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
      Very excited to share more of Shez and Parniya’s getting-together story in the future!

  3. Kory (the shez lover but on parniya's side there)

    Poor Parniya I relaet so much to her misadventures for being tall T_T The fact that she’s being shamed for being hungry and to pass after her brothers uggggggggggggggh

    No wonder she reacts that way to Shez’ teasing, she’s been putting up with teasing and bullying about her height all her life, she wouldn’t take nicely to having that wound being toyed with.

    GET SHEZ’ ASS, PARNS ! (and her pussy also)

    1. Thank youuuu (though sorry you relate so much tho πŸ˜”)
      I really tried to choose Shez’s dialogue to touch a nerve in Parniya. Like a pinprick opening a floodgate.

      Very much looking forward to expanding on this scene, you gyns are gonna love it >:3

  4. God, he first panel literalky was like a punch in the teeth. it reminds me of a video i saw on tiktok of a mom packing lunches, and everyone was saying how she was giving her daughter β€˜too much food’ (but nothing about her son, mind you lol) and how she was going to make her β€˜unhealthy’ and overweight. Girls are so often treated like they aren’t β€œgrowing” as well.

    1. God that makes me so fucking angry. And you’re so right. You hit your teens and suddenly it’s all about weight watching when we are literally growing an insane amount!! We are not taught how much fuel our fucking bodies need to go thru this change. Makes me INSANE 🀬🀬🀬

  5. OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG THIS PAGE IS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love shez………….. i love parnia…………………………………… *dies*

    1. Here lies TDOTNDOT21, died doing what she loved: viewing parniya and shez.

  6. Shez is so badaaaaaass. And Parniya is so cool and brooding, ugh, I wanna go in and be her friend through it all, she’s too lovely to be teased.

    This is the type of lovestory we need in lesbian romance omg…as a short queen I approve.

    1. Ohohoho if you like Shez now you’re gonna love her in the next chapterπŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

      Really looking forward to showing you all the full scene between parniya and shez too 😎😎

  7. The yuri shonen manga we all deserve ❀️❀️❀️
    I wish Parns had had like a single nice peraon in her life growing up though πŸ™

    1. More lesbian shounen to come, I promise uwu.
      And Parniya did have one nice person growing up πŸ‘€

  8. The last panel with Shez is the hottest thing I e read in my LIFE. Also uggggh the first one though!! Love these two. Perfect ship. No notes.

    1. Incredibly high praise, thank you ma’am 😳😳

  9. Cath (Losing her MIND over these two)

    HOUGH Miss Rusty this page hit me like a semi going 100 on the interstate- i’m not tall by any stretch of the imagination but ive always had a huge appetite due to high metabolism and being active and I got that whole spiel from family and other adults even when I was neck deep struggling with anorexia ,, hand in hand with Parniya I am making her so much food and her and I will feast like queens

    (Also that punch panel just,,, chefs kiss,, i am eating the linework,, AND SHEZ,,, HER,, HOLDING HER SO GENTLY IN MY TEETH I LOVE HER)

    1. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve struggled with anorexia- and hope your relationship with food continues to grow healthier. Love the visual of you chowing down with Parniya πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  10. Ok, I know this is supposed to be a sort of solemn page for Parniya but that last panel with Shez is so πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅ sorry but my mind is immediately in the gutter please give us some steamy scenes with them!! Being tall is the best blessing as a lesbian Parniya needs to realize 😭

    1. Never apologise!! Shez is here to be enjoyed πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

    2. On god if we don’t get Shez climbing the shit out of Parniya, or viceversa, have Parniya literally own her ass in the ring….my gawd

      1. Foreshadowing B)

  11. I also would have immediately fallen in love

    1. This is so normal πŸ₯°πŸ’–

  12. I have not yet figured out how to post emojis here, so please imagine an entire row of heart-eyes!!

    I love these two so much. Thank you for the page! And the shoutout! And for more Parniya and Shez! Please more of this, Rusty! I’m so in love with them both, they’re the best.

    I want to give Parns the biggest hug and also watch the match between her and Shez over whether she has to take the class or not (I’d spar with either of them too, it’d be so hot, just please don’t kill me), and I really really really want to read more about how they got together! And I may be small, but I want to fight everyone who made fun of or bothered Parniya about her height ever.

    And to cook for her and let her eat as much as she wants! The food criticism is incredibly familiar to me and I hate it so much that women aren’t supposed to eat until full or to be tall or to take up room in any sense, that we’re supposed to be small and quiet and decorative and to not need or want anything. We all deseve better, dammit.

    When I asked that question, I was thinking about being able to reach the top shelf but having to stoop in doorframes, not about the bullying that comes with doing girlhood “wrong”! D:

    1.  ( I added some heart emojis for you, breastie. When on desktop I always just grab them from emojipedia, which let’s you copy and paste them).

      I’ve definitely got more plans for Parniya and Shez in future (the following chapter will basically be starring Shez 😎).

       And you’ll definitely get to see them sparring (and getting together) in the future. It’s been all written out for a while – just about figuring out where to slot it into the story!

      Love seeing multiple women in the comments wanting to dote on Parniya too πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί so sweet.

      Also I definitely figured you were going for a much more wholesome vibe with your question 🀣🀣 Reminds me of when in CH6: ASK THE CAST someone asked why Jaden and Riley are vegetarian – probably assuming pretty normal, not-sad reasons 🀣🀣
      I love turning the mundane into a chance for angst 😎😎

      You’ll never be safe from me, ladies 😈

  13. Ahhhhh Parniya is so so good, as a fellow tall lady I had a similar upbringing to her :'( can’t wait to see her and Shez fall in love

  14. hhhhh!!!!! πŸ’€

    No thoughts, just incoherent huffing howling and yelling of joy over our scarred powertank…


    ok one thought: Thanks for showing the “mean girls in class” dynamic. And how not fitting with most girls doesn’t necessarily mean the boys welcome you with open arms. Sometimes you just end up in a lonely stresful limbo that eats at you.

    1. Ok but thiiiiiiiis for real. Like people always think that the odd girl is going to end up in some boys majority group like she’s the romantic interest in an 80s movie. But in reality, boys aren’t all that fond of masculine girls as they claim they are. They might include you more if you’re into their groups special interest, i.e. football, halo, but few of them will ever actually consider you -one of the guys- unless is to dunk on other women.

      1. And if it’s the shared interest thing they’ll hold you to a much higher standard of “understanding it”/”being good at it” to fit with their group.

  15. Don’t mind me I’m just admiring Shez’s arm muscles… πŸ‘€

    1. Of course ma’am, can I get you a complimentary snack or beverage to go with your viewing experience? 🍰🍹

  16. what do you think about keeping a little tuperware of dead spiders around to, throw at misogynists i think it’s a good idea, i’ve found several brown recluses that would work marvelously, am thinking of bringing them to work

    1. Fun in a vent/revenge fantasy, but not very practical – nor very kind to the spiders. There’s no guarantee a misogynist is afraid of spiders, either.
      Also fairly certain use of animals that way can make them legally considered weapons too – wouldn’t be great for your state of employment.

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