This page goes out to all the girlies excited about the prospect of the Ballroom Dancing Nights - it's happening ( ˘ ³˘)❀ !! (Sorry Riley U_U) ___
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This page goes out to all the girlies excited about the prospect of the Ballroom Dancing Nights - it's happening ( ˘ ³˘)❀ !!
(Sorry Riley U_U)


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49 thoughts on “CH11P30

  1. πŸ₯°

  2. I need poor Riley to catch a break 😭 I know she’s waiting for the TIM incident to be brought up and is clearly dreading it… I can definitely feel the storm coming…

  3. (I’ve been meaning to comment on the past few pages but ack schoolwork be crazy but I have been diligently reading πŸ‘€πŸ‘€)

    As someone who constantly lives with dread in her heart of conflict happening and being incredibly conflict averse, Riley’s intense paranoia and anxiety speaks to me so much. Esp considering yes this could be the catalyst for uncomfortable events being discussed and things unraveling, but at the same time it doesn’t mean things will be brought up and everyone is also wanting to put it behind them and move on and have fun! But of course for someone with anxiety, the catastrophic outcome is always what is on loop in your head.

    I’d prob also be worried my gender obsessed girlfriend would start gender hc’ing the butch women at the bar or trying to have conversations about q***r topics with them assuming they’re on the same page, and that would make me sweat.

    Despite all this, am I the only one incredibly pumped to potentially see Riley dressed up for ballroom night in dress pants and shirt looking incredibly put together and gorgeous πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί short she may be, but she’d pull it off so well. That is if she ends up agreeing to go πŸ™ she has mentioned the night scene isn’t too much her vibe, Blaire could always try and convince her to have a fun night out! Speaking of Blaire, the excited sparkles around her are SO cute she sounds so excited about it. And it’s nice to see despite her pushiness she hasn’t ever forced Riley to try partner dancing with her implication that they don’t want to make a spectacle of themselves.

    That’s really thoughtful of Riley and her feelings despite it being something she seems very excited about wanting to try.

    I’m obsessed with Jadens adorable face in the second to last panel ahh she’s so precious! Anime eyes Jaden is such a treat πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• I love seeing her so happy and excited, and the little floof of her hair sticking out through the baseball hat is the cherry on top, adorable! She deserves all the best. So I’m fingers crossing things go well for them on ballroom night. Manifesting a good time for the ladies πŸ™Œ plz rusty let the gals have this I’m begggingggg OTL!

    I’m absolutely in love with the colors and shades in the second panel of masquerade night, your use of purple (and pink) throughout the comic is beautiful. Is the usage of purple very intentional, since it’s associated often with lesbians and it’s a nod to that, or do you just love using the color and it fits for the vibe you want a panel to have?

    1. I completely feel you on the anxiety. Even though I fully believe we’ll get a happy ending eventually, I’m dreading the upcoming conflict fiercely. There are so many ways it could go wrong, all it needs is for either Blaire or Jaden to thoughtlessly say something.

      And yes, Riley would look amazing in a nice suit! You’re not the only one thinking that at all. I really hope we get to see the whole crew in the masquerade honestly, even if seeing Parniya in a suit and mask might just actually kill me.

      1. There are so many ways it could go wrong, all it needs is for either Blaire or Jaden to thoughtlessly say something.”

        Love the way you phrased this, it’s EXACTLY what I’ve been going for – and you distilled it down to a sentence πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

        I can promise both conflict and formalwear in the future 😌😌

    2.  (you’re always welcome in the comment section – don’t sweat it! Wishing you luck with your schoolwork)

      All the things you’ve listed have definitely crossed over Riley’s mind, and likely even more! She’s completely trapped in uncertainty, and so haunted by the possibility of what MIGHT happen. Not a lot of room for good strategy – particularly when Riley is incredibly avoidant of conflict.

      But she can only keep avoiding for so long. It’s bound to catch up with her.

      You and me makes two women excited for the ballroom night (though gauging by the comments I don’t think we’re alone 🀣).
      And while yes Riley isn’t a night life person, the vibe of the ballroom nights VS club nights is likely very different – and the former definitely takes place much earlier in the evening.

      Formally-dressed Riley (and Co.) definitely await, I can promise that much 😎

      And yes! I love drawing adorable chibi Jaden. Her younger-self would be so happy to know she has a circle of friends waiting for her in the future πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

      Re: the purples, honestly i am but a humble purple fan. i love creating palletes based around it because it’s so wonderfully diverse. It always comes so easily to me. You can always expect to see a touch of purple in LB πŸ’œπŸ’œ

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment 😊😊

  4. I don’t know if I want a “Brand” shirt or a “Location” shirt more. Merch when? 😍

  5. I am holding Jaden’s precious πŸ˜€ face in my hands and crying

  6. (cheering) Chaos! Chaos! Chaos!

  7. Humm…based on this and the fact that now we now got two events stacked up and that means Blaire getting more opportunities to say some wild shit in front of the homegirls, I’m gonna guess one of two things is going to happen:

    a). Rusty is going to makes us pass through several ‘false alarms’ in which the qts seem like they’re going to cause trouble with the other women, getting really close to making an off color comment just for something stupid to interrupt, probably giving us conflict blue-ovaries every time those two groups come into contact (the conflict isn’t going to happen at the party, there’s just going to be a few scares along the night and the real shit show will be reserved for the masquerade).

    b). The party IS going to be a shitshow at the house warming party and a lot of the comic is going to be Riley getting high blood pressure trying to decide between her well meaning roomate or her well meaning but troublesome gf. Dunno if Riley will turn her back on Jaden or Blaire at this point, BUT, my bet is gonna be that the real “climax” so to speak will occur at the masquerade ball; to get more specific with my bet: QTs are going to appear in the club in their best picketing looks to protest twansphowbia from the yonique staff after meeting them at house warming party.

    So that’s it. I lost my foreseer chance when I never commented on my idea of timothy having a cross crush on blaire; which turned out to be true, so I’m putting these on the line for posterity, and speaking them into power, AWOMAN.


    1. (This is going to be a very interesting comment to come back to read in the future πŸ‘€πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦)

  8. Parniyas biggest fan

    Oh boy.. as excited as I am for an all-female dance I can already see Blaire showing up with “Babygirl” and them getting stopped at the door which results in Blaire blowing up sometime in the next few pages… he’s there waiting for us in the distance… menacingly 😳

    1. right there with you

      Yeah, the moment Blaire squees about it within earshot of “Babygirl,” catastrophe is imminent, whether he’s already been denied entry and melts down on the spot about it or wants to “tag along” (*cough* stalk Blaire *cough*).

      The part of me that chooses chaos though wants Blaire to at least make it through the door and make an ass of herself in front of a bunch of women who aren’t having it.

      1. Sure would be great if she was gonna be spending some time with him soon :3c

        1. Parniyas biggest fan

          Rusty No! Bad Rusty! *grabs the spray bottle filled with mens tears*


        2. It’s hard being oppressed πŸ˜₯

    2. 2
  9. I’m shaking in my boots about the drama potential, but that aside for a minute because if I think about it for too long I’ll give myself heart issues – holy shit the Yonique is my dream.

    I was already fully on board with the club, I was deeply into the ballroom nights, but a WOMEN ONLY MASQUERADE?? I need this in my life immediately. I already own a mask! And a dramatic tailcoat! All I need is a girlfriend and the Yonique to be real. :’)

    1. So happy you gyns are on board with the Yonique Masquerade. So very very excited to share more of that aspect with you all (and very, very sorry Yonique is not real).

      What kind of mask deisgn do you have? Out of curiosity. I’ve been umming and ahing on mask designs for everyone. Haven’t settled on any yet – though I know I want Riley’s to be cat themed πŸˆβ€β¬›πŸˆβ€β¬›

      1. Only saw this reply now, sorry! I have a black one that covers everything above the mouth with wing-like extensions on the sides, curving upwards. So it’s not a full-face Venetian mask, but it has a beakish nose and then those feathery designs, so I’d call it vaguely corvid-themed?

        Cat-themed for Riley sounds awesome! Maybe also a half-face design, with whiskers and possibly hinted ears? I could see something birdish or abstract for Blaire, with lots of glitter and glass gems and possibly those extravagant dyed feathers. And maybe something simple and elegant for Jaden? Something single-colour or two-tone. I’ve seen some gorgeous black and white ones that might work if her suit is also black and white, or something bottle green. But that’s just my musings, you might go for something else entirely!

        1. No worries – there wasn’t a time limit on a reply (if you wanted to at all!)

          I see we’re on the same page with Riley’s kitty mask (great minds think alike.)

          Your suggestions for Blaire and Jaden have been very helpful in getting some ideas flowing – thank you!


    1. She must learn to save herself >:)
      (Or communicate to someone else she needs saving)

  11. A big lesbian mama who gives ballroom lessons to women only and hosts a yearly masquerade dance sounds like the best thing ever. I wish Yonique was real

    1. Be the old lesbian who teaches other women to dance and hosts an annual masquerade ball that you want to see 😎😎

      (Me too fr fr tho 😭)

  12. Blaires hands rrminded me of an Eagle grasping a rabbit and now Im mever getting that image out of my head.

    1. Ooooh I see it, I see it!
      Also welcome back, king , haven’t seen you since the steamy page. Kind of imagined you emerging with eyes peaking cautiously between fingers 🀣🀣

      1. You mean to tell me on a lesbian love comic there could be lesbian love scenes? THE HORROR!

        But Awh thanks. my commenting is sporadic due to work and exhaustion but I’m always creeping around. I’ll always crop up when theres a joke to be made or I need to flex some gay privilege tho πŸ˜‰

        Such as with Blaire’s translucent hair now affecting Riley.
        Riley, you don’t need to be translucent. You can be cislucent!

        1. I’m afraid so – some may even liken LB to yaoi there’s so much blatant lesbianism πŸ˜”πŸ˜” ( CH11P22 comments for full context).

          No sweat on the sporadic commenting tho – hope you’re not working too hard πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

          Have you ever considered that Riley may be FLUIDucent hmmm?? HMM??
          Smh, transmahogany never sleeps 😀😀

  13. Jaden i love you

  14. Poor Riley, she’s the only person here who knows she’s in one of those “photos taken seconds before disaster” lmao.

    1. She probably needs her blood pressure monitored after all of this πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  15. tbh as a professional transgenderer for many years blaire gets 0/10 points for allyship. I suspect one of my friends *******might****** have some gender stuff goin on but I would NEVERR switch up the way I refer to him out of the blue.
    Like if you’re “right” about it: you’re fucking outing someone?? And if you’re wrong, you’re projecting a restricting view of gender and gender roles onto them. No one wins

    You’ll get it next time, Blaire.

    Also WOW the dance is gonna be a SHITSHOW cant wait

    1. Blaire when she gets a 0/10 in the ally Olympics from the fair dinkum, free range, grass-fed, non-GMO, BPA-free transgenner:

      1. thats kind of you to say dear but Im not at all BPA free. (as a matter of fact I suspect all the chemical exposure as a youth might have contributed to the sorry state of my endocrine system now, which is why i’m so interested in bioremediation, which is tangential to why I’d love to talk with you about how trannies such as myself and QT club green hair girl view nature, but ANYWAYS….)
        What about you? Gold-star, no artificial hormones, organic lesbian, I presume?

        1. i don't think she's gonna make it after a blow like this, she's still weak from being taken out by Faith x-x

        2. oops legitimate mistake are the QT club members all nonbinary or something? probably shouldnt have said girl. ah well, pass the mummy milkers fund i guess i have to contribute

        3. All the QT ladies have various gender identities (listed on the 😊Cast Page) but you saw what ya saw. Spade’s a spade. And she is not real so you’re all good lol.

          If you insist tho, according to the chart that’ll be $15-$0AUD depending on your own gender headcannons about yourself.

          I just identify as a trancewoman to avoid the fee hehe 😎

      2. ah what do i care. Yeah fine if i see a spade i call it a spade but I have poor fucking eyesight and I make mistakes. Fucking christ.
        Was just joking about the fund too, Ive my own shit to pay for. Best of luck to babygirl in his mummy milker endeavors* since you’ve made it abundantly clear that you especially don’t respect trans women who don’t pass.

        *I mean, I say this with the hope that you wount do something absolutely rancid with him in thge future like making him a stalker as another coment mentioned or another sex pest or whatever But you probably will. or maybe he’s already a stalker the way he’s weird about blaire Fuck it

        1. Not to worry miss girl, passing is a non-factor in my levels of disrespect towards trans identified males. If he’s a man who calls himself a woman, I do not respect him. #equality ✌️

          Nothing wrong your eyes either. You saw a woman, you called her a woman. Humans are pretty good at pattern recognition.

          With your guesses about Mr. Mummy Milkers you’d prolly get a kick out of his 😊Cast Page entry. Happy reading.

      3. ooooh a rusthearts authentic drawing shall i save it and cash it in for a thousand dollars when you get JK rowling level rich?? so honoured you took the time from your day

        Is that Blaire in the bed oh dear. Shes made the classic mistake of approaching allyship with her own self-actualization at the forefront of her mind. Get better soon darl

        1. She got rated 0/10 in allyship, doctors say she may never recover πŸ˜”

  16. my sister on Allah’s green earth why are you removing my comments just askin

    1. oh oops the page reloaded and the comment from earlier was back NEVERMIND!!! πŸ™‚

      1. Don’t sweat it, Miss Girl. The comment section’s got a pretty heavy-duty spam filter so sometimes it takes a tick to process even genuine comments.

  17. I am once again very sad this bar doesn’t exist in real life and around me. I’ve always wanted to try ballroom and swing. Though honestly at thirty-three I’d be skipping over Jaden and Violet as my bar crushes and going straight to Nellie. I don’t mind having a step-dog.

  18. “But we didn’t want to be a spectacle among the straight couples”

    Blaire’s… what I’d call “moments of normality” really GET to me.

    Like a lot of bi women in my experience are most insufferable when they’re very. Het-aligned in their life experiences. I would even dare to say a lot of them are just straight women claiming to be bi for cool points (omg evil gatekeeping moment). I’ve basically given up on trusting any bi women who doesn’t show obvious signs of her female attraction regularly because of how often they end up homophobic.


    These are a bunch of LESBIANS and Bi Woman and it’s like

    blaire these women love you, accept you, and know what it’s like to be same sex attracted

    you’re going to throw these women under the bus for a bunch of straights who hate you


    I don’t get the mindset I just Don’t. I don’t get the “oh these women won’t swallow the poison with me? they are EVIL. I love you my QT friends who are demanding I choke down my tASTY POISON” but like. I can’t say it’s UNreALisTIC because women make these choices ALL THE TIME. In fact these “WHY ARE YOU NOT CONSUMING THE POISON WITH ME? YOU ARE EVIL?” women seem to be more common then feminists

    i know there’s a lot of ppl who are like “Blaire redemption when” and I don’t really care about her being redeemed necessarily personally. Right now I don’t want the women Blaire has harmed and are going to harm to be like AW BLAIRE IT’S OK WE FORGIVE YOU <3 but I'd love to see Blaire having an "oh no I choose the wrong team" moment. That Man, Blaire. The President Man. Oh Blaire That Is Not The Right Team.

    i kno people being like "WHAT THE FRICK FRACK IS WRONG WITH YOU" at Blaire is common, and likely to become more common, but I feel like such a specific personal "WHY Are You LIKe THIs" as a bi women who finds so much more solidarity with lesbians then I do with most other women fhsdkfhsdkf lesbians understand, Blaire!!! They understand same sex attraction and living in a homophobic society! Pretty much NONE of the QTs do… you're a Rug to them blaire

    they are so down to be blaire's friend. i wish she'd have some more sense. some self preservation. Riley probably helped give you the confidence to grow out your bush and what do you do? Smash her brain over and over with the gender hammer and then you decide to smash Riley's new pals with the hammer as well. BLAIRe.

    Hanging around with gendies who obviously think lower of you feels…. bad. hanging out with lesbian and bi women who see you as an equal feels good. but i guess blaire is used to discomfort. used to patriarchy. used to being looked down on. so the way the QTs treat her doesn't feel all that odd.


    also thank you so much for Faith. her PVP with Blaire was truly Goddessly (godly is a word but goddessly isn't ho hum)

    1. Bahahaha! My LB Edsayist Beloved, it is a treat to see you in the comments as always πŸ₯°

      I love your observations about Blaire, particularly about hoping there’s a Blaire Tealizing She Chose The Wrong Team moment. I think that’s a much more realistic expectation to hold about her character development.

      I also wonder if, within a “redemption arc” that many readers want, they expect other characters to forgive Blaire for how she has treated them. Especially Riley.

      And I wonder if that desire will change when more of the story develops 😈

      You are most welcome for the PVP πŸ’–


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