It would appears the gender counsel has arrived on a verdict :D

For the Yearn Sweater Woman Thirsters: Tiffany's Bio is now up.
And while you're enjoying that, complimentary transparent Blaire on the house:

What else does she thinks is beautiful? πŸ€”πŸ€”

EDIT: Check out this amazing fanart from site-breastie @arbustorum!


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  1. gender is bad for your heart

    just got out of hospital for the heart attack Brick gave me and you post this fucking page. Just ship me straight to the morgue and put the transparent blaire on my headstone please.

    1. 11
  2. Rusty! You done it again! The fact that so many girls think that they’re boys because of a fucking child’s cartoon is so on the money!

  3. Brick is so stupid and annoying and I love her so much. I just want to squeeze her like a stress ball or put her in a little jar and shake her around.

    1. In a Lilo way: Brick needs to be punished.

      1. god you’re so right

  4. I’m in love with your brand and TV show names! The fact that I immediately knew what “Star Shifters” was says a lot about your accuracy! Also Kai thinking she’s a tomboy with a full face of makeup πŸ˜‚

    How many chapters until Blaire comes out as enby or something dumb when she gets fully devoured by gendies?
    Honestly Rusty you are carrying the entirety of lesbian media on your back

    1. You’re too kind, mwah! Mwah!

    2. I am still trying to figure out what “Star Shifters” are supposed to be. Steven Universe? She-Ra?

      1. I’ve just updated the πŸ’¬FAQsection with a detailed answer about this. It’s in the Story & Cast section!

  5. β€œβ€¦what made him realize he wasnt a tomboy like his mom keeps insisting”

    *screams in butch with mommy issues*

  6. Everyone fawning over the gendies, while I’m here gushing over how adorable Riley looks in the photo

    1. For you, breastie:

      As a treat πŸ₯°

  7. β€žI could be so much more than just a girl.β€œ God, this has me pissed. This sentence is what FtM gendie-ism is all about; it’s been drilled into their heads that being a woman is worth next to nothing. Fucking hell.

    1. Always makes me lose my mind when I hear “I realized I’m not a woman, I’m just a human”.
      Women aren’t HUMAN to you, ma’am?!?! Anyone else you wanna throw under the bus,or just half the human population today? 😡😡😡

  8. fancyfeast-rangerover

    oooooh goodness this is an incredible building of tension, I am So EXCITED and Dreading Jaden’s reaction to the brewing confrontation… the phrase ‘adding insult to injury’ pops to mind… ps that is SUCH an adorable pic of Riley, Muddles and Jaden <3

    1. Thank you, thank you!! πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
      Comedy on the surface, but real kick in the guts for poor Jaden who thinks she’s finally making friends after Alexis πŸ˜”

      And glad you like the Jaden and Riley picture. I really love how it came out πŸ₯°

  9. Is Brick named Brick because she’d shit a brick if she found out Jaden kicked trance-womenz out of a bar?

    1. destined to shit bricks~

  10. Is Star Shifters a reference to the Sailor Starlights in Sailor Moon lmao I love the detail of Kai not speaking out loud but whispering everything for someone else to say it, she’s sooooo nlog πŸ€ͺ

    1. It is not, but you’re not the only one to think it was. I’ve actually never watched much sailor moon, so I’m only vaguely aware of it’s story and characters.

      Originally, way, way, WAY back when I was intending the reference to be about Steven Universe- since it was very popular with gendies at the time. I was gonna call it Stephen Galaxy, but then I was informed that’s apparently the nsfw tag for SU LMAO. So had to rework it.

      By the time I had this scene drafted,I’d seen so many examples of children cartoons informing gender identities that I figured I’d just go more generic. You get to choose which children’s show you think it is. πŸ˜‚

  11. Honestly the entire thing is funny because its just a bunch of women trying their hardest to prove that women need to follow stereotypes in order to be women, otherwise their identities would cease to exist 🀣

    1. If you pointed out the stereotypes to them tho, thet would absolutely deny that’s what they’re doing.
      ” Um learn the difference between sex and gender, [misogynistic slur of your choice]”

  12. I never thought seeing a cameo of that TiF from Boyfriends in here.


  13. 1. Is Kai doing the like, e-girl fake blush look or is that just her face?

    2. I love Blaire, it’s such a bummer she seems to have so much good will being misdirected towards TRA BS, because I feel she has a lot of positive qualities like being inviting and being open about her concern for others.

    3. Rusty where’d your socials go? I assume they got nuked by the tumblr overlords. Is there a place we can send fanart???

    1. 1. Yes she is πŸ˜‚ I know it’s a lot more subtle than the other make up looks, so possibly hard to tell. But that’s exactly what she’s going for, soft blushing hecking cute soft pastel emo boy uwu~

      2. Glad you feel this way! I really tried to add lots of likeable qualities to Blaire. There are lots of otherwise kind, friendly, caring women who believe in gender BS. πŸ˜”

      3. Unfortunately I got perma-termed back in April of 2022 on tumblr. So I lost my fanart blog, my meme blog, my main one. And I haven’t been able to remake successfully – just keep getting banned. ://

      I still do have an Insta tho! Or if you wanna link your fanart here. Both are greatly appreciated, thanks for even considering!

      Maybe I need to make some sort of image uploaded here on the site to display fanart πŸ€”

  14. “…More than just a girl.””That’s so beaultiful!”
    I wish I could shake Blaire by the shoulders. Doesn’t she realize what this implies about all women? About HERSELF? C’mon Blaire WAKE UP

    (love the accuracy btw. So many tifs in fandom realize they’re “men” by relating to either male characters from TV shows or in fanfiction lmao. Once I found a fic on AO3, tagged as a m/m ship, that was actually not a fic, but a girl posting about how she just had found out she was actually a man because of the ship in question (in her own words, ‘I want a love like theirs.’). Never forgot that one. I wonder how she’s doing now.)

    1. Btw love the detail that the tif protagonist of Secrecy Office is named Kai… Tiffany just couldn’t contain herself, could she? lol

    2. I got a real feel for the dynamic between Blaire and other gendies, when I read a tumblr post that went like this:

      OP: cis women shut the fuck up challenge.
      REPLY: as a cis woman I AGREE, we do need to stfu 😍😍

      Exactly what I’m going for with Blaire. She thinks she’s being such a great ally, but all they see her as is a pathetic footstool.

      Also Jesus Christ the A03 story. I also remember seeing similar attitudes in this compilation A03 tag post, and TIFs were tagging their m/f (But f calls herself a transman) fanfics as #ownvoices and #gay trans sex WRITTEN by a gay transman.
      (Which is where I got Tiffany’s character idea from πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

  15. Their initials….MRA, TIF…Rusty, you’re a genius

  16. far in the future, i hope ppl will investigate your work, because it contains great satire/cultural commentary from a lesbian perspective on the surrounding culture at the time. it is perfect evidence to show that there were lesbians who were aware of, yet still did not accept, all this gendie stuff.

    and also because the other stuff is really nice to read as well! detailed women and detailed relationships between women, both positive and negative <3

  17. I’m honestly surprised the gendie gang hasn’t tried to trans Blaire… she has short hair after all!! And we were ALL an overenthusiastic trans rights ally before coming out, Blaire’s egg is almost cracked! 😜😜

  18. Tenbelow is trying to recover from brain damage after this one thanks

    huh why is the transboy not like, talking? shy? but isn’t this place supposed to be a SAFE SPACE UWU where kweer people feel safe enough to speak?

    *goes and checks the bio page*

    “Tiffany Franklin refers to women without gender identities as β€œcis (slur)” and refuses to speak to them directly.”


    rusty this is an absolute nightmare. what have you done. the absolute INSANITY and MADNESS in going from the LAST CHAPTER to … THIS…. THIIIIIS????? you are bonkers. you are. capable of so much. too much. there is a fear of your power growing within me. At one time I was like “I trust Rusty to keep these characters safe :)” but do I still hold that trust in my heart? I fear for the future. I know you have not shown us your full power yet.



    WHAT IS THIS??? WHAT IS THIS??? the back to back smack down of Old Homophobia and Sexism in the last chapter and the NEW Homophobia and Sexism of this chapter!!! i fear your power. fear and respect

    my gwad. the last couple of pages ive been like “ok this is crazy” but going and reading tiffy’s profile. refusing to SPEAK to blair when blair tries THAT HARD to be nice and helpful. you don’t respect blair unless she Assimilates and picks a gender too…

    its the way none of this is even like. inauthentic. they really are like this……….. they really are!!!!!!!!!!! gender people would def think these characters are cute fun and relatable if they weren’t aware they’re Jokes to this story. These LeaseBound out of context would get SUCH a different reaction from them. gendies would be like OMG I CANT WAIT TO FIND OUT JADENS GENDER WITH THE QT COLLECTIVE UWU (eeeeewwwwwww!!!!!)

    i have to admit its a bit of a fascination of how Gender People like. function in normal day to day society. I have to think they HAVE to drop their nonsense in order to get along and try to have a normal time. like these women HAVE to act normal in some of their life situations. tiff HAS to talk to some of those EW GROSS WOMEN if she wants to order a coffee and the person taking orders is a woman. they have to be normal in some situations…..

    ive never been in a group like this… i stopped going to LGBT spaces when it was becoming clear these are becoming TTTT spaces…. but I do have to imagine when they’re in their Safe Spaces UwU they let the full craziness fly just like this… its so nuts to imagine real human people talking to each other like this but they do. this is a real thing. i wish this was a parody and not so real.

    ough i cant leave a better comment. i feel like my brain has been ripped out. you cant blame me, you did this to me

    gender people…. uugghhhhHHHHH. usually i like shy quiet characters but Oh Tiffy. Tiffany you are an Enemy to me. howdareyou. she is my least favorite so quickly. at least the others are willing to TALK to women. i know they don’t respect women but they don’t view them as too subhuman for direct conversation …. it’s not going to work for you, Tiffany πŸ™ your boyfriend is using you, he thinks your gender is funny, and no Male Man is going to be There For You and Support You. you’re disrespecting nice supportive women like blair, and upholding male values. your life is SAD. i wouldn’t be surprised if she was writing a self-insert comic bc she isn’t happy with her current relationship, she KNOWS her current boyfriend doesn’t see her as human deep down and imagines a fake anime man who DOES see her as a fully human Man… but that’s just my theory

    im over her like “this female character is messed up and my enemy. but i pity her still. oh the horrible things women suffer in this patriarchy… if only she didn’t live in a culture that made her Be Like That”

    after this page I am BRACING myself for further leasebound updates. this is giving me such a unique brainpain. can’t wait till we get back to the NORMAL WOMEN. though this is like a train wreck, and i don’t want to look away or leave the horrible sight too soon


    1. Forgot to reply to this bit! It was such a pleasure to read, and is ALWAYS a delight when your name shows up in my comment section <3
      Absolutely love your immediate jump to the Tiffany hate-bandwagon! I laughed out loud multiples times reading XD
      Rest assured, the normal women are coming, you've got got Riley, Jaden, Violet, Faith and the brief debut of another yonique staff-member to look forward to this chapter <3
      I'm looking to do something similar to chapter 9, where I jumped around to different characters to show what they’re up to.
      But until then, buckle up, breastie eassayist beloved <3

      1. OH THANK GOODNESS GRACIOUS. I’m glad we won’t be stuck with these ladies during the whole entire chapter HA. Though I also feel like… switching away from them and then coming back to them is going to feel like getting slapped HARD sometimes. Like here we are having a nice time at Yonique and then BAM GENDERS AGAIN! OW MY BRAIN! I bet you have some fun or jarring or ominous or intriguing or WHATEVER returns to these characters set up… you are just such a good writer and make so many good choices. I definitely think switching between groups is a super smart move here and am excited to see how it all goes

        as distressed as these ladies can make me I have to admit the truth and this chapter REALLY grabs hold of my attention fast, and i’m just clueless about what wacko thing will come next….

        what a great work of art LeaseBound is, and I dream of a day when we look back at these comic, in a glorious future where Gender isnt Trendy anymore, and we look at these ladies like “YEESH WAS IT REALLY THAT BAD?”

  19. oh no did the commenting system kill my paragraphs and make that one ugly gaint wall of text. rip im sorry everyone idk why that happened if it did happen… if it didnt happen just ignore this particular comment ha. kay thanks bye. happy LB update to all and to all a good night or whatever

    1. no worries breastie-beloved, I forced in spaces for you – the layout I’m using currently likes to squish comments down something terrible.
      I’ll see what i can do to make the formatting more user friendly <3

      1. YOU SHOULDNT HAVE TO MAKE THAT EXTRA EFFORT YOU ALREADY DO SO MUCH EVERY DAY YOU WORK SO HARD 😭😭😭 but thank you. thank you for sparing me that wretched public humiliation of an UGLY WALL OF TEXT COMMENT. you can create such a nightmare (TIFFANY) but you also show me such mercy…… thank you, mighty rusty…. ultimately, you truly do heal me more then you harm me…… (FOR NOW… wrings my hands and worries about what further horrors await)

  20. Muddles's #1 Stan

    @Tenbelow…are you ok πŸ˜‚ I can feel the “🀯” from here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Yes I am Okay because I know Tiffany isn’t real and can’t hurt me πŸ™‚

      (not like she would try to do me Harm anyway, she’d just refuse to talk to me for my subhuman woman crimes… now the male president of this club will definitely be the scarier one…. *slowly hides under a blanket* he’s not real and can’t hurt me either though…………)

      Thank you for your concern Muddles fan. You have flawless tastes in character. meow

  21. (Just me ignoring Tiffany’s bio and every word she says because I think she’s cute)

  22. Was the “brand” word supposed to be written in cyrillic alphabet? Just curious

    1. Yep! I thought it was time to branch out the brand joke πŸ˜‚ I’ve got a few others lined up as well.

  23. I wanted to say that despite all of the gendies being a bit disturbing, I like how you still give them *personalities*. Scrolling through cast page gave me such joy!

    P.S. waiting dor Clancy’s appearance, wonder what kind of person she’s gonna be like!

    1. Thank you!! I did consider just having their gender identity stuff as a joke about how that often IS the only personality TRAs poccess, but this felt more interesting. Because I had to fit the gender stuff tho, theirs do all look a lot longer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  24. RUSTYY this killed me hskajdjsjsj I love how kai says being a tomboy is disgusting omfg so accurate with gendie belif aaashdjakdjsj mullet girls discovering her “queer identidy” trough in universe Steven universe AAAA this is becoming my fav chapter so far I hope this is as fun to you to write/draw as it is to us reading it 😭😭😭

  25. Bruh I read the cast page for tiffany and…..hoooooly fuck. Bro she deserves to get dragged by the meaniest, pettiest gay man in the world, I don’t give a fuck.

    The thing that bothers me the most though? Is that I’ve known people like this. I’ve never met a glactic enby or whatever the fuck Jane and the other called themselves, so it’s easy to laugh it off and just feel pity, but I’ve met plenty of transmen and the insecurity and misogyny is serious with a lot of this people, even when they pass.

    They either immerse themselves in this dudebro persona, trying to out-misogyny themselves in front of their “bros” (who rarely take them seriously or are entertained by a woman thrashing other women), and it just ends up being a clusterfuck of awkward silences and second-hand embarrassment. And the other type pretends to be cool about it, but can’t help to mention how she knew she wasnt a woman because she wasn’t vapid or obsessed with shoes or something lol. And when they get called out they roll their eyes and be like “You know what I mean”

    ….Yeah Tiffany we know what you mean, that’s why we’re calling you out. You’re as transparent as the guy who spends every day after school on 4chan.

    Lesbian transsexuals are usually more chill but GODDAMN do these idiots stuck out like a sore thumb. Looking down at you cause the guy group took them in; only for them to make jokes about her pussy and very clearly treating them as female when they’re out of sight.

    No wonder these types also hate butches with a passion, especially the ones who make it clear they dont give a fuck about their brad-persona.

  26. Brick gives me bully vibes even though you designed her as an adorable meatball.
    Tiffany would totally have been my best friend at that age, but now I just think “Awww, she’s got so much internal misogyny just like I used to! I want to help her!” It’s probably because she wear converse and hoodies so I see myself in her HELP.
    SO glad you confirmed my suspicion that “Star-Shifters” is basically SU. And like ALLL childrens shows now they just HAVE to add an “enby” character…because why not?? No lesbians allowed! FML.

    1. Meatball πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Congratulations in graduating from finding someone like tiffany cool!

      Glad you caught on to the SU allusions in Star-Shifters. You’ll be learning a little bit more about it (that possibly differs from SU) on the next page 😎

  27. honestly this is such a pitch perfect satire of like, basically any uni QT collective club. and the whole chapter has me rolling- your writing of these characters is too funny πŸ˜‚

    1. Always a pleasure to make you ladies laugh πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  28. The silent admission that they all can tell what sex is/recognize sex characteristics in no one getting mad at Blaire for that, lmfao. But also lmfao 2x SU reference.

  29. Norm L. Esbian comments again bc she can’t realize how to respond to her own post (sorry)

    Also the detail of Tiffany being so misogynistic that she doesn’t even talk to β€œwomen” is soooo fucking funny and infuriating lol. It reminds me of those β€œgay transmlm” who say they’re MGTOW.

    1. Exactly what I was going for! The type of TIF who thinks being misogynistic to other women will make her fit in with men.

  30. Norm L. Esbian again, sorry

    But also reading Tiffany’s bio has me realize… is that why Marcie reacted how she did, with Tif not speaking to her directly? Invalidating the enby identity by not being β€œnot a woman enough” to speak to directly….? πŸ€”

    1. Oh no no, that’s because Blaire is still in the room πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

      Marcie/Brick reacted that way because she had just spent a paragraph saying it was so complex to figure out someones gender identity and even she as a “queer elder” couldn’t do it, only to be undermined by someone else saying “my guess is this”

  31. So Tiffany is whispering to MJ because she refuses to speak to Blaire directly. I would lose my goddamn mind, why do either of them tolerate that bullshit πŸ’€

    1. It’s probably justified in their mind since they think of Blaire (cis) as the oppressor and Tiffany (trans) as the oppressed, so OF COURSE a gay trans man* would be cautious around a cis woman ! πŸ™

  32. oliver elliott asher kai mars

    I’m crying this is too real and it took me a second to realize what “star shifters” was supposed to parallel πŸ’€πŸ’€

  33. I’ve legit had circus music playing in my head for the last few pages, haha. I like how all of these characters are equally ridiculous in but in their own special way.

    Also Jaden is super cute in the photo!

  34. It’s criminal we’re not recognizing just how darn cute Muddles is. I’m wrong for it but I want to see a play date with Tyler the Ferret.

  35. I just read Tiffany’s bio and… Yeah, I’m gonna have to cancel her. That was painful to read. Also, it’s on sight for her predatory boyfriend (age difference is way too huge imo).

    I can’t wait for Jayden and Riley to come back into the comic with their voices of reason. ;w;

    1. Glad we are in agreement. No matter how awful, no woman deserves lecherous BF who won’t date women his own age.

      Riley and Jaden will thankfully be bringing some normalcy back soon! You can expect to see Riley on CH11P6 😊

  36. Just caught up and… Wow. I love this and utterly despise all of these gendie characters πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ they’re painfully accurate. Great job.

    1. Welcome back to the craziness!!
      Love seeing all the visceral reactions to the gendies introductions 🀣
      I promise you they will only be getting worse!

  37. Okay add my voice to the wailing in the comments over this hilariously depicted but PAINFULLY ACCURATE conversation. Some of my friends have done this TO ME (the gist: I am GNC and ride motorbikes, so have I considered I might not be a woman??) and I still cannot wrap my head around it. It’s quite cathartic seeing it played out like this.

    1. Many condolences Jeeeeez!!
      Glad to provide some catharsis though!

      That’s always the goal with gendie scenes!

  38. this comic is so silly i cannot stop giggling

    jasper and brick are just like me fr!! thank u for this representation <3 love to see trans people winning

    1. The pleasure is all mine ;D

  39. Rereading comic again and on this page, I really like the concept that each of the gendies are arguing Jaden has the same identity as them, which I think is a very important detail to show how insecure people with gender identities are.

    TiFfany thinks Jaden must be a trans man…like her, Brick insists she might just be some non-binary gender-special…like her.

    Then Elissa comes in saying trans men don’t always have to be masc…LIKE HER. The layers to this commentary is so fun to explore.

    1. So glad to be the provider of fun!! Always delighted to know there’s women who’ve given LB multiple reads πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

      I thought it would be funny in a similar vain to how Star-Shifters all helped them discover their totally unique identities.

      Like wow, you think Jaden’s identity just happens to align with your specific one? Almost like it’s all a crock of shit and you’re all fucken women!!

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